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Stafford High Opening Delayed

This is no longer a $5000 per day construction delay but a school delay. In rough numbers the impact is 2000students/27000students x $261M total budget/ 180 days of school or $107K impact per day. 

According to the Code of Virginia the school board shall: "Care for, manage and control the property of the school division and provide for the erecting, furnishing, equipping..."

How do you misplace $8.3M? 

Rock Hill is a fiscally conservative district. Yet the candidate the Republicans have endorsed misplaced $6.3M in 2009, $8.3M in 2015, approved $4M in plastic grass over real grass, left tens if not hundreds of $M on the table in unfunded liabilities for SCPS and transportation from missing or false proffers, and voted to tear down a $35M school. What about the $31M in debt service? Isn't that all EXISTING money (read no new taxes) that could be better used to reduce class size, improve pay and get new computers and buses?

Isn't it about time someone watches your bank account for the betterment of the students? New face, new direction. Vote Dean Fetterolf for School Board.

Students Hurt by Teacher Turnover

The senior most members of the school board still won't admit they are responsible for the budget. The Code of Virginia says so. In 2009 they presided over a $6.3M error. Now they didn't hire 55 teachers because they didn't know they had $8.3M in Salary money.  How do you misplace $8.3M?

74 teachers with 1100 years of experience retired in 2015 many others left. As of Mid August 300 new teachers have been hired and schools are not yet fully staffed. 50+ teaching positions remain unfilled. 1 out of 7 teachers will be new.

Stafford Student Achievement Lagging

Stafford students are lagging behind their counterparts in comparable districts, according to a report to the county School Board.

Stafford Doesn't Need a 3000 Home Development and 3000 Students

According to a January school board meeting agenda the impact on schools from the proposed G.V. Village Development is $107M and more than 3000 students and a $15M operating impact. The developer is proffering $10M and a 20 acre elementary school site they value at a bogus $1M per acre.  G.W. Village is an economic disaster on every front.

Stafford Schools Going backwards in so many areas. 

An editorial by Dean Fetterolf. 

In their comments on July 26 [“Bond rating hasn’t come at schools’ expense”], Gary Snellings and Nanette Kidby emphasized the necessary investment in school infrastructure due to growth.

They have forgotten that bricks and mortar don’t make it a school. It’s what’s inside and the results that count. 

The drive for improved bond ratings and proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments that support unbridled and under-proffered development will result in more unfunded liabilities and increased debt service.

The debt service toll on resources available for instructional budgets has had devastating effects on the all-important learning environment.

Stafford County schools are going backwards in so many categories. 

Parents Reflect on Middle School Redistricting

Although we are disappointed that the court could not legally find that the School Board’s decision met the legal standard of “capricious and arbitrary,” it is worth noting that despite the School Board’s motion for dismissal, the court did, upon review and reconsideration, find that we are, in fact, aggrieved.

The court’s opinion acknowledges that redistricting data readily available on the School Board’s website reflects that the plan the School Board has adopted “does not appear to be the strongest.”

We continue to believe that this redistricting places a burden on the school system as a whole, and some students and schools in particular, which would not have occurred under the plan recommended by the Redistricting Committee.

Consultant Surveys Reveal Unfavorable Perceptions of School Board 

A majority of teachers and administrators didn’t think the board understood school operations or the educational needs of students.  Let's survey the parents!

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