Putting Students First

Smaller Class Sizes – 4th highest K-7 student teacher ratio in VA.  Last year we ranked 6th. Despite costly renovations our high schools will remain overcrowded.  We need HS#6.

Competitive Salaries – Focused recruitment and retention of new career employees.  VA teachers earn $7,456 less than the national average.  Para professionals earn $9000 less than those in Fredericksburg.

Adequate Funding - As the 10th largest district Stafford ranks 79th out of 132 in total funding.  Local funding is 22% below state average. 

Parity  - I agree with Dr. Benson We need a "school system" not a "system of 30 schools".  In division wide school to school classroom opportunities for all learners including Head Start , CTE and Special Ed.  The quality of a child’s education should not be left to chance or depend on which neighborhood they live in. 

Learning over testing  - Improved performance at all grade levels including high school  AP participation and passing rates.  Students spend 1/3 of their time preparing for and taking mandated State and Federal tests.  Our AP college readiness scores were as low as 19.3% and only 30% or less received a college ready rating on the SATS (1550).

Development Impacts – I will focus on student development not housing development.  The county must recover the $34k infrastructure impact of each new home through proffers.

Cost Savings -   How did the incumbent lose track of $6.3M in 2009 and $8.3M in 2015?  We don't need plastic grass football fields when schools are overcrowded.  Innovation and creativity over tradition.  “We always do it that way” – well, not anymore!